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  • Few can offer an extensive 7 year material defect warranty and 2 year workmanship warranty on their work because few use high quality materials and employ industry leading techniques and methods. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with our craftsmanship.

Whether you’re interested in Frameless Glass, Semi Frameless Glass or a Combination Fence, you can rest assured that Glass Fence Constructions fencing will cater for your unique and individual needs. Small fence installations can be completed in as little as 1 day with larger fences taking up to 2-3 days. The installation process is relatively simple and clean when compared to many other building processes.

You can be confident that when Glass Fence Constructions looks after the supply & installation of your new glass fence, there will be minimal disruption to the existing surrounds such as paving and landscaping. Because we install into the finished surface, it enables the tiling/paving to be completed prior to the fence installation taking place. There is no additional site preparation needed.

Glass Fence Constructions has its own installation teams who transport the materials and necessary equipment to your site to complete the installation of your fence. This streamlines the installation process so all that is needed during installation is access to power and water.

STEP 1 – Setting Out

Setting out is the most important stage of installation as it determines the position of each panel & ensures that the glass installed at the correct height, with the appropriate spacing between panels (if required).

STEP 2 – Core Drilling

Core drilling directly through the finished pavers/tiles enables a professional and clean finish as well as accurate holes for the placement of the spigots or posts. This part of the installation process ensures a quick and clean installation.

STEP 3 – Standing the Glass Panels

Standing the glass panels occurs once the core holes have been drilled. The spigots or posts are placed in position, ready for the glass panels to be inserted.

STEP 4 – Grouting the Work

With the bracing in place, the fence is ready to be grouted. Once the work has been grouted it is left to set, with the bracing still in place. Grout takes up to 24 hours to set completely, depending on the weather conditions.

STEP 5 – Removing Bracing

Once the grout is set, the fence is ready to have the bracing removed in preparation for the finished product.

STEP 6 – Finished Product

Bracing is removed. The gate is tensioned & adjusted. The site is cleaned and the glass is washed down. The result is your modern, stylish and robust new glass fence.

We specialise in the design, supply & installation of:

  • Glass pool fencing and glass fence installation, both frameless glass fencing & semi glass fencing
  • Expert installation of quality and durable balustrades & side mounted balustrade hand rails
  • High quality installers of frameless and semi frameless gates with hydraulic closers
  • Handrails & balcony railing
  • Frameless & Semi frameless designs

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