Standoff Glass Balustrades & Pool Fences

Standoff & pinned glass balustrade and hand rail design, supply & installation across Melbourne.

  • 7 year material defect warranty and 2 year workmanship warranty
  • Suitable for both frameless and semi frameless fencing
  • 316 marine grade stainless steel, powder coated or anodised aluminium components used
  • Easy to clean & maintenance free
  • Available in a variety of finishes The ‘button’ or “pinned” type fixings allow your glass to be structurally sound with minimal intrusion of a crystal clear view.

Glass balustrade systems enable you to have a safe and secure balustrade with the brilliance of a nearly uninterrupted view.

Providing an elegant and structurally sound barrier that retains the view or sense of space that other types of barrier simply cannot achieve. We use 12mm A grade toughened glass panels and marine grade stainless steel pins to produce a near seamless finish.

Each method of balustrade fixing delivers its own unique advantages. Side mounted balustrades are mounted to the side of the glass using 316 Marine grade stainless steel pins to. Glass balustrades are ideal for that extra bit of style and functionality without compromising on safety and security.

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